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Our Philosophy

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Here at Lydia's House we seek to develop individuals by providing support and training in traditional craft skills. We aim to provide worthwhile job and training opportunities for women who are anxious to change and improve their lives. By providing a supportive environment we can help them to build confidence by helping them to recognise their own talents and individual strengths.

Our belief is that by giving people the chance to interact in a real work setting, along with the pressures and challenges this brings, enables them to make the transition to making better life choices which gives them the chance to establish secure, productive and settled lives. 



Who's Who?

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Founder and CEO

Catherine Trilló



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Lydia’s House has been established as a Social Enterprise since August 2007 but traded as ‘Sole Trader’ business for a few years prior to that. Lydia’s House runs a showroom in central Newcastle and has developed a strong business foundation in the antiques market, selling antique furniture (most of which we have restored), our own framed restored antique textiles, a framing service, curtains and associated interior design items. Any profit made is ploughed back into the business.

The vision and extensive experience of the founder and Chief Executive, Catherine Trillo combines social aims with business skills acquired through a life time of dual experience, passion and drive. She has worked with hard to reach individuals from inner city London and rural Northumberland, for over 20 years and has developed a business model with a real customer base, plus establishing a furniture recycling project.

Lydia’s House was first established by Catherine on a rural farm steading which is now in need of redevelopment. Three workshops were developed from this site in South East Northumberland. Finished products were showcased from a large shared retail unit in Jesmond Antique village for 3 years until November 2009. She also developed a residential pilot scheme which ran over 3 years which was established to encourage independence and basic life skills training with residents living as family, mainly ‘after care’ from detox and support.

Her previous history was working with London’s high end antique furniture, textiles & restoration industry, including Christie’s auction house. As well as being closely involved in youth work projects in Brixton and Battersea.

We are currently going through a transitional phase relocating our workshops from South East Northumberland to a new premises in Sunderland, a Victorian building in a calm, relaxed environment which has had £1.5 million of refurbishment done on it already. We aim to set up three workshops over three floors in the areas of furniture restoration, frame making and curtain making. It provides us with excellent safe, warm adequate training workshop and manufacturing space for all related training and work experience in the traditional skills, Interior Design services and spin-off training that Lydia's House offers.



Who Are We?

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Lydia’s House is a Social Enterprise, a not-for-profit organisation. Lydia’s House retails at the high end of the interior design market and our product is a high quality range of restored antique furniture, framed textiles, a framing service for customers own items, curtains and associated interior design goods and services displayed in our showroom in central Newcastle upon Tyne.

Please click here to read about the social aims of Lydia’s House.